Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between each of your vape collections?

My vape cartridge is clogged what should I do?

Clogging issues are often a result of batteries that do not generate enough heat to adequately vaporize the thick, pure distillate oil in our carts.

We recommend using our signature 2020 battery with adjustable voltage available at ShopBoof.

(Alternatively any battery with adjustable settings and high voltage should work as well.)

Fully open the air ring on the vape cartridge to maximize the amount of air you allow into the chamber. Then using the high setting press and hold the battery button for 5-8 seconds and take a hard drag to heat and melt the oil.

How does the airflow ring on your vape carts work?

AAAThe amount of air that flows from your vape cart’s heating coils to your mouth can greatly affect your vaping experience. Our vape carts have a rotating ring for adjusting the airflow so you can customize each drag to your liking.

Higher airflow causes the oil to vaporize quickly and produces a smoother, cooler cloud with less flavor. This can decrease the amount of oil needed for a single drag but also means that much of the flavor will remain on the coils. Lower airflow will produce a warmer, more flavorful cloud, but will result in a thicker more intense hit.

Where can I purchase 2020 products?

You can find our products at a dispensary near you.

For wholesale, we serve licensed stores based in California.