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California Cannabis

You can find 2020 Hiieffect products throughout California from our hundreds of distributors.  Contact us with your name, number, and zip code, and we’ll notify our nearest distributors to reach out to you.

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It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but not if it’s a counterfeit product. Fake 2020 products are not the same quality, and they are not the products your customers are asking you to carry. The 2020 line of products are well-known and well-loved, so it’s no wonder fakers try to steal your money with inferior knock-offs.  

Not sure if it’s counterfeit?  
  1. Call your “real” Sales Rep at 213-640-2020,
  2. Click “Chat with us” on this page,
  3. Reach out on IG @2020hiieffect_

Imitated, but not duplicated.

Produced under license #C11-0000782-LIC

Fake Edibles